Seller Partner Solutions

RedAngus offers stand-alone and unified solutions for our seller partners:

  • Warehousing solutions
  • Fulfilment operations
  • Accounting & Finance management
  • Marketplace management

Warehousing solutions:

RedAngus offers warehousing solutions in Mumbai & in Kolkata with reasonable rates, long span shelving and no hidden fees. All inventory stored in our multi-tenant warehouses is available through an open source inventory management system that you can access via the cloud or through a 3rd party solution that allows you more security.

Fulfilment operations:

RedAngus is geared to handle both B2C & B2B fulfilment operations from Mumbai & Kolkata, providing you a 48 – 72 hour gateway to customers across all states.

Accounting & Finance managment:

RedAngus provides you accounting & finance management with builtin reporting & analytics, leveraging our dedicated team of certified freelancers.

Marketplace management:

RedAngus sets up and manages your general, specialty & niche online marketplaces through in-house, experienced resources.