Our aim:

RedAngus Business Services helps you to position your brand rightly, ensures availability across trade & sales channels, focuses on building the customer experience at every touchpoint in the distribution and sales channels and helps you grow your sales.

Our process:

At RedAngus Business Services, we don’t focus on the technology but on the execution! Leveraging our intrinsic business acumen, we focus on wiping out needless costs, optimise at every step and ensure margins are protected across the distribution & sales spectrum.

Our distribution:

Brand partners know RedAngus Business Services will ensure seamless distribution across 28 states, 8 union territories through a mix of owned and 3P distribution partners. We continue to provide end-to-end distribution services unlike competitors that outsource or subcontract.


RedAngus Business Services has it’s own digital commerce initiative, titled UrbanWare, that sells direct to consumer through multiple general, niche & speciality platforms and provides cost-effective fulfilment solutions.

Our brand partners:

Our brand partners, ranging from Fortune 500 firms to newly established start ups, offer a plethora of products that deliver unprecedented value to customers.

RedAngus is structured to support every brand partner at par and delivers the same effort cohesively.

Principle of simplicity:

From the onset, we promised to keep it simple. It’s a constant struggle to embed the principle of simplicity across our strategic endeavours, our transactions, our communications and our deliverables but we continue to stick true to the ethos constantly.